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While it’s normal to feel sad or unhappy some of the time, persistent feelings of distress and sadness can indicate clinical depression, which needs medical intervention. At BloomMed LLC in McKinney, Texas, Dr. Stephanie Cudjoe takes as much time as you need to discuss your concerns and your depression symptoms before creating a treatment plan. She can evaluate and monitor your symptoms through regular visits at your home and can even refer you to a specialist for advanced treatment. Don’t ignore persistent feelings of depression. Book a consultation online or by phone.

Depression Q & A

What is depression?

Depression is a mood disorder that causes you to feel ongoing sadness or a general loss of interest in your usual activities. The condition can influence how you think and feel. It can also lead to a variety of emotional, physical, and behavioral issues.

When left untreated, depression can make you lose your sense of oy in life and cause you to have thoughts of hurting yourself.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Symptoms of depression often last most of the day and can be persistent for weeks or months at a time. Often, you may not know why exactly you feel the way you do. Common symptoms of depression include:

  • Feelings of being overwhelmed or hopeless
  • Outburst of anger or frustration
  • Loss of interest in hobbies or sex
  • Trouble sleeping or sleeping too much
  • Reduced appetite and weight loss
  • Difficulty concentration and memory issues
  • Frequent headaches or back pain

In some cases, people with depression may not realize how severe their symptoms are. Loved ones may be more likely to notice the change in one’s behavior and mood first.

What causes depression?

There can be numerous factors that influence your risk for developing depression. These factors include:

  • Low self-esteem
  • Traumatic events
  • Sexual abuse
  • Family history of depression
  • Other mental health disorders
  • Chronic illness

Depression may also be the result of biological factors, such as changes in your hormone levels. This can happen during different phases of your life like pregnancy or menopause.

How is depression diagnosed?

It’s vital to seek Dr. Cudjoe’s help if you feel symptoms of depression on a regular basis. If you have thoughts of harming yourself or others, you should call 911 for emergency help. There are also suicide prevention hotlines you can call for confidential help.

Dr. Cudjoe can perform a comprehensive physical evaluation to rule out underlying medical conditions that may influence your depression. She also reviews your medical and family history and discusses issues like your current relationships and lifestyle.

What are the treatment options for depression?

Once Dr. Cudjoe assesses your situation, she may refer you to a mental health specialist for further treatment and professional counseling.

Dr. Cudjoe may also recommend treatment with antidepressant medications and can recommend lifestyle changes to help you manage your depression. These changes may include improving your diet, physical activity, remaining in touch with close friends and family, and following through with counseling and other mental health services.

To learn more about managing your depression, schedule an appointment online or by calling the office.