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What is BloomMed?

BloomMed, LLC is a concierge medical practice providing Direct Primary Care to its constituents in North Texas. This clinic is not your typical Family Medicine Office!  BloomMed works to empower its patients in improving their health with a hands-on, relationship-driven model.  By avoiding insurance for your primary care needs, BloomMed has effectively removed many of the obstacles that get in the way of patients seeking treatment.  You don't have to worry about the wait- there isn't any!  You don't have to worry about the cost- it has been taken care of by the membership fee.  You don't have to worry about the distance- Dr. Cudjoe can meet you in the comfort of your own home!  BloomMed understands TRUST and CARE are the foundations of a healing relationship and gives every member VIP access to their doctor.   

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Where is BloomMed located?

Your medical care is mobile!  Need to see Dr. Cudjoe, but can't get to her office?  BloomMed is equipped to evaluate and treat you in your home!  The only visits that must be performed in the clinic are initial visits, procedures, pap smears and other "sensitive-area" exams!  These visits are performed Wednesday mornings and Friday afternoons at 4510 Medical Center Dr. #303, McKinney, TX 75069. 

Our office is in the west-most professional building attached to Medical City of McKinney Hospital on the 3rd floor.  Look for the address (4510 Medical Center Drive) at the top of the building.  There is also signage that says "Surgery Center" on this building.  Go through the main entrance, straight ahead to the elevator bank.  Take the elevators to the 3rd floor and follow the signs to suite 303.  

What types of patients do you see?

BloomMed sees men and women from 1 to 110 yrs of age, including:

  • Patients looking to establish care with a Family Medicine physician.
  • Patients looking for more flexibility of appointment scheduling.
  • Patients looking for comprehensive and personalized care in an unhurried environment.
  • Visiting relatives of existing members (can be seen as guests of the practice and are charged an a la Carte service rate)

Can I still see Dr. Cudjoe if I have Medicare?

Yes!  Medicare however does not cover any services provided by Dr. Cudjoe.  This means BloomMed cannot bill any claims to Medicare and patients cannot submit any claims from BloomMed for reimbursement.  Your Medicare coverage CAN be used to cover costs from other specialists, hospital services, immunizations, medications,  imaging, and labs. To that end, a signed waiver acknowledging a private relationship with Dr. Cudjoe, is required before completing your initial appointment. 

What does the membership fee cover?

All of your traditional Family Medicine services are covered under your membership plan, including a comprehensive physical, acute visits, chronic disease management and follow-up appointments, physical and common follow-up labs, minor procedures, and care coordination with specialists.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes!  Most major credit cards are accepted for membership fees and labs billed through BloomMed.  Cash, check and all major credit cards are accepted for a la Carte services.

Can I see Dr. Cudjoe without enrolling in a membership plan?  

Yes! BloomMed has a menu of a la carte services, where fees are paid at the time of service in the clinic.  These visits may be reimbursable by your insurance company after submitting a claim.  A copy of the visit invoice is provided at the conclusion of each a la carte visit to help facilitate reimbursement.

Can you help me with my insurance claim?

Visits made as a part of the a la carte program are reimbursable by insurance. While we do not file claims directly to insurance providers, we do provide a copy of the visit's claim with all of the information needed to file a claim through the insurance provider's website.
As a novel practice model, most insurance companies do not cover Direct Primary Care monthly membership fees. The current IRS code is currently unclear if direct primary care membership fees are included as a qualified medical expense, so we recommend all patients consult their accountant and employer HR department to confirm coverage prior to signing up. Organizations like the DPC Frontier have made great strides to get this distinction clarified and the IRS code broadened so that medical savings accounts in all its forms can be used to cover DPC membership fees. 

Is BloomMed Membership the same as insurance?

No.  BloomMed provides outpatient primary care services only.  We do not provide additional coverage or pay for services billed to patients by outside facilities. The IRS code language currently treats Direct Primary Care services as a health plan and lawmakers are current working with the IRS to correct and clarify the nature of Direct Primary Care in its tax code.
While not an insurance company, BloomMed does recommend EVERY patient have some form of basic insurance to help cover the cost of more expensive services such as diagnostic testing, specialist referrals, ER and hospital visits.  To view current insurance plans available through the marketplace, click here

Where do I go to get my labs?

Lab work may be drawn in the clinic, in your home, or at a Quest Diagnostics patient service center (PSC) in the area.  Lab fees are billed separately from the patient’s membership plan. BloomMed has negotiated low fees for self-pay patients who have their lab work processed by Quest Diagnostics Laboratories. For patient with insurance, the lab directly bills their insurance provider.  

What about immunizations?  

Immunizations are available at your local pharmacy for adults and at Texas Star Pharmacy for adults and children. Both locations accept private insurance and notify BloomMed when an immunization has been administered so the documentation can be added to your chart. The local health department provides immunizations to families without insurance.

What happens when Dr. Cudjoe is on vacation?

A board-certified physician will cover any urgent calls, however, all other correspondence and visits will be postponed until Dr. Cudjoe's return to maintain continuity of care. 

Who will see me if I am admitted to the hospital?

Dr. Cudjoe's services are provided on an outpatient basis.  Inpatient/hospital services will be managed by a specialist ("hospitalist") during your hospital stay.  Dr. Cudjoe will be available however for care coordination and transitioning out of the hospital. 


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