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Thank you for considering BloomMed to take care of your health needs! 
To better serve you, please call our office at (972) 214-8579 to schedule your first appointment.  This will allow us to ensure adequate time has been reserved for your visit with Dr. Cudjoe.  Please bring your driver's license, insurance card and any medical records you feel would be helpful to this appointment.  Arriving 15 minutes prior to your appointment will greatly facilitate the check-in process.  



Not quite sure about membership?  We've got you covered!  
Try BloomMed out for an initial and follow up appointment at a la carte rates BEFORE making the decision to sign up for membership!  If you decide BloomMed is not for you, there is no commitment to continue but we appreciate you giving BloomMed a go!  You will receive invoices for these visits which may be used to file an insurance reimbursement claim.


Not sure if BloomMed is right for you?  
While BloomMed can provide excellent, personalized care to the great majority of patients in the area, not all patients may benefit from it's comprehensive package of services. In particular, these are patients who:

1.  have HMO insurance- BloomMed has no established relationships with ANY insurance companies. We recommend patients with HMO insurance in particular establish and receive their care with an in-network provider who can facilitate lab orders, imaging and specialist referrals when needed. 
2. plan to see their physician only "once a year"- As a concierge practice, BloomMed is best suited for patients interested in improving and monitoring their health conditions regularly in a relationship-driven model.
3. live more than 20 miles from the office-  While not an excluded, the distance could make it more difficult to utilize the membership plan to the fullest.  
4. want to "pay per visit"- Many BloomMed services are provided outside of traditional clinic time, so an ongoing "a la carte" payment system for members would not be appropriate, nor would it align with BloomMed's goal of improving patient health via a trusting, relationship-driven model. 

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