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We're Moving to a New Office May 1st!



The new office address:

Southern Hills Office Park

8951 Collin-McKinney Pkwy, Suite 502

McKinney, TX 75070


The new office will allow easier access and is far more convenient than our current space! We will be able to keep the intimate and personalized feel without the hassles and logistics of seeing your family doc at a medical center!

Because of the ease of access of the new office and concern of COVID exposure with lab draws through commercial lab draw stations, we will resume nurse visits for routine labs, swabs and injections! These will be by appointment only so that only one patient is in the office at a time. We will start off one half day a week but may increase availability depending on need.

BloomMed is still offering Telemedicine appointments only due to the extension of the shelter in place ordinances in Frisco and McKinney. We will continue this schedule until the shelter in place provisions have been lifted. We are still offering COVID-19 tests for those who meet criteria for screening.

Dr. Stephanie Cudjoe, M.D.

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