Now accepting Telemedicine appointments in the afternoon.

Tis the Season to Get Tested!

Tis the Season

We are pleased to now offer our patients RAPID COVID-19 testing!


Test details:

 -Utilizes the well-known Abbott IDNow Platform -Molecular PCR (genetic) test (the current gold standard)

-Receive results in 15 minutes!

-Test is performed in the office or in your vehicle!

-Test is performed by a nasal swab (tolerated better than the traditional nasopharyngeal swab)


Cost of the Test:

-For BloomMed Members: The test costs $75 (compared to $100-150 at your local urgent care!). There is no additional charge for your evaluation since your visit is included in your membership!

- For A la Carte Patients: the total charge (visit + test) will range from $175 to $225 depending on the complexity of the visit.

-The cost of the test and evaluation for COVID MAY be reimbursed by insurance, however we recommend calling your insurance provider FIRST for confirmation to avoid any surprises!

Dr. Stephanie Cudjoe, M.D.

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